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To provide you with the best service...

Grady Design's procedure for consultation and gaining approval generally allows for a smooth design and production process. Of course, there will always be the chance for complications, but planning in advance allows for these and deadlines can still be met.

Grady Design isn't just design... it's design to your objectives with the ultimate goal of helping your organization succeed.

After all, if you don't succeed, we don't succeed.


Any information or material provided will be treated confidentially, and all reasonable efforts will be taken to safeguard it. If requested, GD will willingly sign a nondisclosure agreement.

A free, introductory visit to a prospective client starts our relationship (within a 30 mile radius of Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA). Subsequent calls will be part of a billable assignment, unless otherwise agreed.

Project Submissions
It is GD's responsibility to you to recommend what, in our professional opinion, is the best way to meet your objectives. Similarly, it is also our responsibility to closely follow your direction, input, criticisms, and instructions.

When sufficient information is provided, GD will prepare a written estimate giving an overview of assignment schedule, costs, and terms and conditions. When sufficient detailed information is not provided, it is our obligation to say so. An assignment will be started when we have received a signed acceptance of the estimate or a purchase order authorization and the initial deposit.

Remember, if you change the specifications for your project, that can result in a change of the estimate. Plan ahead and avoid unnecessary charges.

Working Arrangements
Unless otherwise stipulated, every assignment is considered to be comprised of two parts...
conceptual approaches, creativity, and print and electronic production expertise and management are our responsibility,
--- product specifics, marketing objectives, budget and approvals are yours.
By working together, your project will be completed in a timely manner.

The final output of Grady Design becomes, on final payment, the property of the client organization except in the case of royalty-based illustration or photography, or where otherwise indicated. Preparatory materials (sketches, concepts not utilized, and artwork, etc.) remain the property of Grady Design.

It is your sole responsibility to review all prepared material before print production or uploading to your website, and to attest to its accuracy. Final payment is due upon final approval.

In accordance with accepted professional services practice, the client organization is financially obligated for work authorized and done, whether or not it is utilized. Please contact us for further information.

Rush Charges
Projects requiring "Rush" status will be charged 50% above normal pricing. i.e. if you contact GD after hours or on weekends to have a job completed within 1-2 day turnaround.



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