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Celtic art can be simply profound -- much like life at times. Its intertwining figures and interlaced knots and keys and spirals bespeak of the ancients who first wrought these figures in wood, stone, parchment, cloths and metals.
These designs have endured through the ages and flourish still today.

I first became interested in Celtic artwork due in great part to my husband, Mance, a bodhrán player and maker of renown. The bodhrán is considered the native drum of Ireland and many years ago, I painted my first designs on a bodhrán as a gift to him.

Since then I've painted many more on commission from those who've admired my work. Some of the designs are original, others modifications of designs inspired from the Book of Kells, Lindesfarne Gospels, artifacts and stone figures. I try to incorporate elements that are significant to the person I'm working with.

While my earlier works were a celebration of the classic motifs in this genre, my later designs have progressed to a more fluid and natural styling.

To view a gallery of designs which I've painted on various bodhráns, please visit Ace Bodhráns.


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