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Animation is a visually stimulating way of adding interest and dynamics to a web site.The most common forms used are rollovers, animaged gifs and Flash animation.


Types of Animations Example
Rollovers change as the cursor passes over it.
Animated gifs don't need a special plug-in, and can be made to continually loop (repeat the sequence of images) if necessary.


Flash is a special web design tool which streams the data, allowing some elements to display immediately upon download while the information that follows continues to arrive over the internet.

These animations can be quite conplex, involving sound and/or movies, navigation elements and interactive elements which respond to the user's mouse actions.

To view Flash, you need a simple plug-in that is fast becoming a standard feature of newer browsers.

If you do not already have the Shockwave/Flash plug-in, you can downlaod this free plug-in now.

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