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"I take great pride in my drums, and make each one as if I were making it for myself."

Jacobean Bodhran w/processed skin
I build bodhráns with three goals in mind:

  1. it's got to sound great - that has to do with the right marriage of skin to shell
  2. it's got to look great
  3. it's got to last

"My bodhráns represent the culmination of over thirty years of research and continuing development. I didn't start out to be a bodhrán maker at all, but made them for myself for performance. After concerts, I'd get people coming up to me wondering if I could make one for them and it grew from there.

I'm very demanding of myself and my instruments, and my customers have benefited from many advancements I've made in regard to my bodhráns or accessories, whether it be the drums design, various options, and my use of top quality materials.

Over the years, I've also developed several innovations - the MG Slide Bar (my invention), I was the first to use the Comfort Edge on bodhráns, I also developed a collapsible Bodhrán Stand and my own line of lathe-turned tippers in various sizes and styles depending on your texturing needs. The list goes on...

I also carry a line of bags for the different size bodhráns, including the Ultra Deep (as shown in the photo) which are making a comeback, recordings, instructional material (new video in the works), and our own Ace Bodhráns Conditioner for your drum's head."

It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While there are others whose bodhráns may look like Mance Grady's, they have yet to match the quality of materials, construction and tonality you get from the real thing.

Ace Bodhráns by Mance Grady –
imitated, but not duplicated.

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Welcome to Ace Bodhráns by Mance Grady,
the source for professional quality bodhráns made by one of the earliest bodhrán makers in North America. See for yourself why Mance's instruments continue to be the standard of excellence of which others strive to match.

Mance's Bodhráns are just that - top of the line, hand-crafted by Mance himself where he sees to every detail, so only a limited amount of instruments are made each year.

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Ace Bodhráns by Mance Grady
– imitated, but not duplicated.

Mance Grady's Lathe turned Tippers

Mance Grady's Rake Tipper

Grady Brush Tipper

Mance Grady's Felt Mallet Tipper

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